Outpatient Programs

La Fuente provides outpatient treatment specifically designed to heal, strengthen & advance the lives of LGBTQ people. The La Fuente Intensive Outpatient Program is conveniently located in the heart of Hollywood and offers Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient Programming (IOP) for clients at a stage in their recovery process where they can benefit from the flexibility & autonomy that comes with outpatient treatment as well as the unique programming offered at this level of care. It is here where La Fuente’s clients have the opportunity to integrate or reintegrate, as is often the case, occupational, academic & social activities & responsibilities back into their lives, enriching and enhancing the recovery process.

PHP is usually up to six hours a day and IOP is three-hours a day.

Contact La Fuente to get you or a loved one on the road to recovery today at 323-464-2947 www.lafuentehollywood.com

A large part of our mission in working with our clients at this level of care is to engage and effect change at the level of community and instill a sense of rich connection derived from this type of work into one’s everyday life. Developing a sense of meaningful connection within and outside the treatment community is powerful and integral in the recovery process as we work to improve the communities we live and work in. Often clients become change agents for those same communities they return to or the new life they begin creating here at La Fuente. In fact, community plays such a large role in La Fuente’s treatment programs that treatment center locations have been thoughtfully chosen and purposefully integrated into the La Fuente experience. This can take the form of local service work, philanthropic work, and just as importantly, civic service. We have a deep dedication to the community here at La Fuente and it shows.

Our outpatient programming is designed to accommodate work and family life. Every client is given an individualized treatment plan, which offers group and family therapy. Individual sessions are also available. Clients benefit from the structure and support of treatment as they continue to grow personally and professionally.

We successfully integrate multiple treatment methods at our PHP/IOP levels of care (that together offer a clinically comprehensive & highly focused treatment program. PHP/IOP may be recommended for those who do not need detox or residential treatment. Clients can enter this level of care directly if clinically appropriate or they may be stepping down to our PHP and IOP programming after completing a higher level of care.

La Fuente offers a full continuity of care that moves smoothly from detox to residential programming through outpatient and into supportive housing and alumni aftercare & support.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about La Fuente’s outpatient programming please contact us.

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