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5 Things LGBTQ People Could Lose The In 2020 Election

The results of the 2020 presidential election are important for all Americans, but they’re vital for LGBTQ people and their allies.  Since taking office in 2017, Trump’s administration has taken away countless rights and protections for trans people…. Read More

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4 Reasons Coming Out Is Good For LGBTQ Mental Health

Coming out is a rite of passage for members of the LGBTQ community. But what if it were more than just a milestone? That’s the question researchers at the University of Montreal wanted to answer in their 2013… Read More

Gay Men Hijack Proud Boys Hashtag on Twitter

The Gays are taking over Twitter. On Saturday night and into Sunday, gay men flooded Twitter with family photos, memes and gay dancing videos accompanied by #ProudBoys in order to reclaim the hashtag from the far-right, neo-fascist organization… Read More

4 Times J.K. Rowling Was Wrong About Trans Rights

J.K. Rowling is at it again. The famed Harry Potter author’s anti-trans views are once more front-page news.   This time, it’s her work that’s under fire. Troubled Blood, Rowling’s newest crime novel, features a murderous crossdressing man accused… Read More

5 Reasons Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was A Champion for LGBTQ Rights

During her 27-year term on the Supreme Court, Ruth Bader Ginsburg proved a powerful ally to the LGBTQ community time and again.  From her early decisions that struck down discrimination based on sexual orientation, to the time she… Read More

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LGBTQ People Are Getting Hooked On These Drugs

And You’ve Probably Got Them In Your Medicine Cabinet  Addiction rates are 2-4 times higher in the LGBTQ community than in the general population.  And while most studies about LGBTQ substance abuse focus on alcohol, tobacco and illicit drugs,… Read More

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4 Reasons Gender Pronouns Matter More Than You Think

4 Reasons Gender Pronouns Matter More Than You Think (#3 Will Surprise You) Have you ever introduced yourself to someone, mentioned your name a few times throughout the conversation, and still the other person signs off “Bye John”… Read More

When Party and Play Stops

The Devastating Consequences of Meth Addiction on the Gay Community There’s a health crisis wreaking havoc on the gay community and no one’s talking about it. And no, it’s not HIV – at least, not entirely. Since the… Read More


LGBTQ Pride 2019

The month of June is here and that means Pride is in full swing! As we have mentioned in previous posts, the celebration of Gay Pride or LGBTQ Pride is “the positive stance against discrimination and violence” toward… Read More


The Deadly Effects of Mixing Meth and Fentanyl

Substance abuse is a serious problem in the United States today. As Jon Zibbell, the former epidemiologist for the CDC stated in a recent Buzzfeed News article, “It’s not your father’s drug market anymore. What we are really… Read More

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