Vivian Rubio, CATC


                  Case Manager, CATC

Vivian Rubio is a registered recovery worker with the Addiction Counselor Certification Board of California. Vivian’s Journey into recovery led her to study addiction at Pierce College in Woodland Hills California Addiction studies program in 2015. She recently graduated May 2019 and has been approved by the ACCBC to take her state test to become a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor.

Vivian is a passionate advocate for the LGBTQIA+ Community. She started out at La Fuente as a Technician. With the support of her La Fuente Family worked her way up to case management. She shows her passion in helping clients take care of their outside needs while in treatment so they can focus on their recovery.

Vivian’s goal is to continue her education and further her career by becoming an L.M.F.T. and carry on helping the LGBTQIA+ Community at La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center.