Manny Rodriguez


Executive Director and Founder

Manny Rodriguez is the executive director of La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center, a treatment center providing inpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles, CA that offers an integrated approach to overcoming drug and alcohol addiction through clinical therapy, 12-step involvement, nutrition, fitness and community support.

Manny has been immersed in the Los Angeles recovery community for most of his adult life. What initially began as a personal road to wellness became a calling to help others battling addiction to reclaim their own lives.

In 2005, Manny recognized there was an unmet need for affordable sober living and treatment in Hollywood. That same year, he co-founded La Fuente, A Sober Living Community. Manny tirelessly invested his time, energy and personal resources working on the front lines to help those who were new to recovery, as well as those continuing to struggle with addiction, to reclaim their lives and recognize that living sober is not only possible, but desirable. Over the years, Manny has worked hand-in-hand with clinicians, families and friends as well as the treatment programs from which many of La Fuente’s sober living residents have been referred. His hands-on experience and in-depth knowledge of working with individuals struggling with addiction has enabled him to author and implement continued care plans that have helped many residents of La Fuente stay on the path to long-term recovery.

Prior to working in treatment and wellness, Manny gained a wealth of management and operations experience. He developed several small businesses and served as a marketing executive for various companies, including a subsidiary of two major motion picture companies. He also served as a board member at the Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council and Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing.

Manny earned a BFA from the Juilliard School in New York City and toured the world extensively with Paul Taylor Dance Company, Ballet Hispanico of New York, Ballet Atlantique – Régine Chopinot and Nicholas Rodriguez’s DanceCompass. He lived and worked in Paris and Barcelona for several years, speaks French and is fluent in Spanish.

“Helping individuals recover from the disease of addiction while rewarding can be a daunting task, even after many years. I was lucky very early in life with a calling that provided passion and also demanded dedication, endurance and sacrifice. I’ve done several things in between, some successful and some not. However, none came close to the passion I had in my youth. La Fuente and what we are called to do each day is the only thing that has reignited what I felt in my formative years. My goal everyday is to stay connected to why I do this. There are time when I get doubtful, even exhausted; I may question “why am I doing this”. I do it because I want to help improve the life of every client we serve, create healing opportunities for their families, their loved ones and maybe even help elevate our community and it’s stakeholders. None of what I do is possible without “the team”, their efforts and experience are unmatched. The daily mantra: let’s aim at being better today than we were yesterday.” – Manny Rodriguez

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