Anil Patel


Associate Executive Director

Anil Patel is the Associate Executive Director and at La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center, a treatment center providing inpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles, CA that offers an integrated approach to overcoming drug and alcohol addiction through clinical therapy, 12-step involvement, nutrition, fitness, and community support.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychobiology from the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Mr. Patel joined the management team at La Fuente in 2007 and is also an alumnus. His leadership and management skills are ideally applied to integrate the program systems requirements and personal needs of the clients. Mr. Patel also dedicates considerable personal time in the community sharing his personal story of recovery from addiction. Today, Mr. Patel is living a life that is filled with the healing that recovery has granted him.

β€œLa Fuente provided me the tools necessary to start building a life beyond my wildest dreams. I am honored to be of part of the La Fuente team and to participate in assisting to create that opportunity for others.” – Anil Patel

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