Inpatient Rehab Aftercare Program

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Foundation for Enduring Recovery

Aftercare at La Fuente means a lifetime of maintenance, healthy choices and community. La Fuente begins this journey through its sober community living. This level of care is a highly structured residential environment designed to serve as an ideal transition to fully independent living, and assures safety with maintain peer support as you establish a foundation for an enduring recovery.  This level follows the successful completion of intermediate care and residency and is offered to allow clients to apply the therapeutic benefits gained at La Fuente as you begin reentering the broader community.


Clients reinforce their self-directed involvement in 12-Step Recovery through daily meetings, commitments and a mentoring relationship with a sponsor. A strong community spirit is established among their peers with accountability to La Fuente personnel through daily check-ins, standard curfews, drug testing and routine household duties.

The Sober Community experience culminates in preparation for fully independent, free recovery living through an Exit Plan, which clients share with their peers, sponsor and the La Fuente team.

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