Inpatient Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment in Los Angeles

La Fuente - Inpatient Drug Rehab Los Angeles

A Proven Alcohol Treatment and Inpatient Drug Rehab Program

La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center’s proven alcohol treatment and inpatient drug rehab program in Los Angeles offers a safe residential environment and professional levels of affordable, high-quality treatment.

We provide drug and alcohol treatment (including methamphetamine treatment) in Los Angeles – sober living that’s structured and sequenced to assure a strong foundation for lasting addiction recovery that maximize the value of our the most critical initial weeks and months of treatment.

Residential Treatment

The Residential Treatment Program, otherwise known as inpatient drug rehab and alcohol treatment, at La Fuente Hollywood, begins with a comprehensive evaluation as well as an individualized treatment plan to assure that your specific treatment needs are addressed and subsequent onsite care is well coordinated.  With a staff led by a Psychiatrist and Board Certified Therapists who specialize in the field of addiction, we are also licensed through the State of California Department of Health Care Services to provide Detoxification as needed. Contact La Fuente to get you or a loved on on the road to recovery today.


  • Clear and relevant education on the disease of addiction and related disorders help you unravel and understand the acute stages of addiction.


  • Counseling, therapy and peer support help you develop and practice skills to participate in your healing process.  Our rigorous schedule incorporates a range of activities structured to enhance and promote your emotional and physical health in addition to providing daily immersion into 12-step recovery activities.
  • Dietary and fitness consultants coordinate daily menus and exercise regimens designed to promote better health needed for your sustained recovery.

Residential Intermediate Care

Research has proven that the longer you’re involved in progressive treatment, the greater your chances of succeeding in your recovery goals and preventing relapse.

The Intermediate Care level introduces or re-integrates you into occupational, social and family engagement while continuing your therapeutic and spiritual exploration. You’ll take an active role in shaping your recovery with professional guidance. Our counseling approach integrates the most frequent challenges experienced by those in this early stage of recovery. The focus is determined by each individual’s underlying causes and consequences of addiction, persistent shame and guilt, and how these forces can silently derail recovery and drive a pattern of relapse. Contact La Fuente to get you or a loved on on the road to recovery today.

Sober Community

Sober community living is a highly structured residential environment designed to serve as an ideal transition to fully independent living, and assures safety with maintain peer support as you establish a foundation for an enduring recovery.  This level follows the successful completion of intermediate care and residency and is offered to allow you to apply the therapeutic benefits gained at La Fuente as you begin reentering the broader community.  Clients reinforce their self-directed involvement in 12-Step Recovery through daily meetings, commitments and a mentoring relationship with a sponsor. A strong community spirit is established among your peers with accountability to La Fuente personnel through daily check-ins, standard curfews, drug testing and routine household duties.  The Sober Community experience culminates in preparation for fully independent, free recovery living through an Exit Plan, which clients share with their peers, sponsor and the La Fuente teamContact La Fuente to get you or a loved on on the road to recovery today.

Family Program

Addiction is nobody’s fault, yet everybody’s problem. This is especially true and painful for families, friends and loved ones. La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center encourages family members and loved ones to attend our Family Days where they can begin their own recovery by addressing the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions of the disease of addiction. Read More about our Family Program.

Gay Drug Rehab – LGBT

La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center has become one of the nation’s leading gay drug rehab and treatment programs with vast experience applying effective treatment interventions that are specific to the issues of LGBT individuals. Learn more about how La Fuente takes a tailored approach to LGBT individuals. Read more about LGBT Drug Rehab.

Contact La Fuente for questions about our inpatient drug rehab or alcohol treatment to get you or a loved on on the road to recovery today.